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Bombay Sapphire

In this Bombay Sapphire spec ad, the goal was to create a short video with elements featuring unique perspectives that quickly capture the audiences attention. Many different scenes and effects are used to help create momentum through the piece and elevate the overall feel of the ad.


Wilbur Chocolate

This project was captured in a way that illustrates the silky, smooth, and stimulating features of Wilbur Chocolate. Breaking down each of the components of the chocolate and showcasing them in their own irresistible and fun way helps to highlight all of the ingredients in this spec ad.


Dining with Skyler

This is one episode in a series of over 30 videos created for Dining with Skyler to assist in enriching Skyler's YouTube channel with high-quality content. Each episode was filmed in Skyler's home kitchen using a main tripod shot, and a floating B cam to capture up close details of all the beautifully cooked food.


Pat's Select Pizza

When Pat's Select Pizza and Grill reached out, their goal was to create an attention grabbing ad for Youtube and Facebook that demonstrated how their restaurant offered more than pizza. Through this fast-paced mix of different dishes being assembled, we were able to capture the many different options they offer. This is one of two final videos that were delivered. 

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