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My name is Andrew Miller. I'm a New Jersey based Professional Video Producer. My filmmaking career has taken me all over the country in the past 5 years, while getting to work on everything from Documentaries to Product Commercials. 

Right after college I was working as an Account Executive for a B2B publication in Harrisburg, PA. After 2 years with the company, I found the work unfulfilling. I decided to quit my job and pursue a career as a videographer. In 2017, I began my journey to start Andrew Miller Video. 

Since starting this company I've had the privilege of working with several amazing brands and individuals from Olympic Athletes, to music artists who are on the Grammy Voting Committee. My continuous goal is to offer deliver unique, high-end content that helps brands and individuals stand out in a world filled with video content. I will only ever look to work with brands and individuals who value quality work and seek to build respectful relationships. 

I believe with each video project there is an opportunity to inspire someone new. If there is anyway that I can help you with your video content needs, I'd love to see who we can inspire next! Please fill out this contact form, and we will work together to put your brand in the spotlight!

- AM

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